Ontario home builders: Find your perfect match Ontario home builder.

We understand that building a home is not always a stress-free process which is why we strive to help you navigate the home building process and connect you with one of the best Ontario home builders that fit your family’s needs. Browse from the list of home builders in Ontario below, to see the models they offer and the communities in which they develop. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out to your builder of choice.

Ontario Home Builders

Choosing the right community for your new home in Ontario

Being so large and populous, Ontario has a lot of options when it comes to where you can build your new home. There are hundreds of communities currently being developed in Ontario with many more planned for the coming years. Whether you want a pre-existing community with lots of amenities, or to build on your own you’re in luck – many of the builders will be able to help you get the perfect home in the perfect location

Getting approved for new home construction in Ontario

Mortgage works slightly differently when you are building your own home than when you are buying a property off of MLS. Although there are many show homes available for a quick closing in Ontario for a typical mortgage getting a custom build or new construction is a little different.

Mortgages are paid out in installments during a new build as the home gets closer to completion. It’s important to work closely with your builder to avoid any overspending or unforeseen costs. Although it doesn’t happen all the time, they are not necessarily uncommon when you have a lot of factors involved.

What are the benefits of working with Ontario home builders?

  • With a production or custom home, you are the only person to ever lived in it, making it truly your home.
  • Contractual warranties. Unlike buying an existing home many warranties may be in place with a new build.
  • Usually, all the finishings are completely customizable and up to you.
  • Choosing what company builds your home gives you a level of comfort.
  • Getting a newly built home often means having it in a new and upcoming community.
  • Safety. Built with modern-day standards and up to current code.
  • Lower maintenance costs. With all-new materials and new construction, the ongoing repair bills will be minimal.

How much should I expect to pay for a new home in Ontario?

This will really depend on which of the Ontario home builders you choose and where you decide to build your home. It’s important to remember that unless you already own a plot of land, you will need to factor in the cost of the land into the purchase as well. If you’re looking for your new dream home right on the water this can really increase the price you can expect to pay. When you’re looking at prices on home builder websites, it’s important to consider and understand that their advertised prices may not include the land.