Halifax Home Builders: Find Home Builders In Halifax

Halifax has some amazing custom home builders to choose from when deciding what home you want to build for yourself. These local Halifax home builders can help make the new build process easy for you. Looking for a custom home builder in Halifax? No problem – check out the list below to get started.

Halifax Home Builder Skyline

Where are the Halifax home builder development areas?

The short answer is all over. Currently, there is a lot of development in the Hammonds Plains and Fall River areas, with many communities and developments underway. Indigo Shores is a prime example of a local community that is under development as we write this. For a list of local Halifax development communities click here.

How much should you expect to pay when building a home?

Price really depends on the quality of home and the quality of the builder that you choose. Expect to pay over $300,000 for a high quality custom home in the Halifax area, however it is possible to get homes for the low 200s as well. Knowing your budget is one of the first steps before sitting down to talk with a Halifax home builder.

What are the benefits of working with a home builder?

  • With a custom home or a production home, you know you are the only person to have lived in your home.
  • Builders may be able to provide contractual warranties, unlike buying an existing home.
  • You can customize finishings to your own taste.
  • You get to choose who builds your home.
  • Normally built in a high quality community.
  • Safety. New homes are built with modern day standards and code.
  • Financial planning. With all new materials and construction you minimize ongoing repair bills.

Do I need to buy an existing development?

Not at all. Many of the local home builders in Halifax are developing in local communities and may have show homes or lots available in those locations. However, that doesn’t mean that they won’t build you a custom house on your own lot if you already have one purchased. Be sure to meet with your builder prior to buying a lot to confirm that this is the case for them.

Securing financing for a new home build in Halifax

Securing financing for building your own home is very similar to buying a house through MLS, but the seller in this case will be the home builder company. We recommend connecting with your local mortgage broker or bank to get pre-approval and confirm your budget prior to talking with a home builder. Once you have an idea of your budget and price range you can better shop for the right fit.