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How to choose the perfect community for your new home

With so many new developments happening all across Canada, we understand that it can be a challenge to choose just one location for your new dream home. In fact it is often more difficult to decide where to build than it is what to build or who to build it. Here are some things to consider when choosing the location of your new home.

1. Amenities

What are the current and planned developments outside of the actual homes within the community? Is the developer going to be creating commercial space that may attract banks, grocers, etc. This will add a huge layer of convenience to living in the community. For newer developments, these amenities may take time to develop and it is important to understand that, which is why you should look at current and planned amenities.

2. The physical location

Is this a retirement community? A commuter community? The location of the new community will influence who will live there. If you’re a 20 minute drive from a large downtown core, then commuters are likely going to be attracted to the area. Location will play a large part in your decision to choose a community.

3. Types of homes and the builder

There are a lot of home builders in Canada and many of them either build within specific communities or help development them entirely. Getting to know the builders within a potential community will help you decide if you like their style of design and home, so be sure to do your research. If you’re leaning towards a particular community and would like to build your new home there, always setup a time to walk through a show home.

4. Price point

Naturally, price point will factor into your decision and it is something that should be considered. Not all new homes are created equal. The same home built by the same builder may fluctuate in price from one community to another depending on all the other added perks of living there. These factors will need to be weighed and debated on if price is a limiting factor.

Can I see a show home?

Definitely! If the community is actively developing they will have some show homes available for you to check out. There are thousands of show homes in Canada. All you’ll need to do is setup an appointment at the builder sales office on-site and they will take you through the home and you can learn more about the community.

How do I start building my new home in Canada?

If you’ve decided on a builder, on a home plan, and on a community to build it in the process usually starts with your builder.

You should know that many of these communities will have quick closing homes available – some that were old show homes, and others that the builders decided to build to simply showcase their work. See if the home that you want is already built and you may get it at a great price.

Once you’re ready, make an appointment with your home builder of choice and sit down to discuss the next steps.