New Homes in Bedford Nova Scotia: Bedford Communities

Communities and New Homes in Bedford Nova Scotia

Looking to build a new home in Bedford, Nova Scotia? There are many great community developments by multiple amazing builders in the area. Choose from a community below to learn more about the new homes you can build in the Bedford area.


If you’re looking for a new home in the Bedford area you’re in the right spot. The above communities are some of the amazing locations that you can have your local home builder create the perfect home for your family.

Why choose to build in a pre-existing community?

Building a new home within a community development certainly has its advantages. Here are just some of the great reasons why you should build in a community in Bedford:

  • The latest infrastructure and technology.
  • Growing community means more resources.
  • Amenities – communities are often developed close to amazing amenities
  • Schools. Developers keep in mind the best schools as they choose their locations.
  • The community feeling. There’s nothing like watching your community grow as more homes are built

How do you choose the best community in Bedford?

Once you’ve decided to build in a new community development, choosing the right one can be a bit of a challenge. How do you decide between so many amazing locations and developments? Naturally, there are some factors that you can look at while making your decision:

Existing and planned amenities.

Bedford has some amazing local amenities and each community within Bedford has its own. That’s no different with new community developments as well. Check to see what the community is close to for every day necessities and the nice-to-haves. How far will you need to travel to get to the grocery store? The gym? How about schools for your kids?

Ask questions and look at the amenity map on the community page to find out more information.

Stage of development.

Is the community in its infancy or is it already well established? This will determine the amount of construction in the area, how many businesses and amenities are established close to the community, and what you can expect after you move into your new home.

There will also be a lot more options with newer communities. Want the corner lot? The last one on the street? Getting into a planned community development early will give you the choices that you otherwise won’t have if you build late in the development.

The home builders within the community

This is an important factor to consider. If you love one of the great local Halifax home builders but they are not currently building within the community you are interested in then perhaps it might not be the right fit.

However, depending on the community regulations, it might be possible to have an outside home builder acquire a lot and help you build your dream home within the community of your choice.


The physical location of the community will play a big role. If it is on the other side of town compared with where your family works or if it is not as close to the events you currently attend, that is something you should consider. There will always be growth in communities and more amenities will likely arrive, but you can never change where it’s located.

Other Community Developments Close to Bedford, Nova Scotia