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New Homes in BC: British Columbia Communities

Looking for new homes in BC? There are some amazing communities being developed all across British Columbia. View the list of communities blow to find the best location to build your new home in BC. Be sure to connect with the communities or builders if you have any questions.


Often referred to as the best place on earth, beautiful British Columbia, has some of the most amazing community developments across the country. If you’re looking for new homes in BC then you’re in luck – there are plenty to choose form.

How much will you pay for a new home in BC?

This is one of the most popular questions we get, especially with regards to British Columbia. The housing market is very hot in Vancouver and surrounding areas so prices will vary considerably depending on where you choose to build.

For example, you could easily pay over a million dollars if you want to build a beautiful new home close to Vancouver, however if you decide to build a little more rural, perhaps on Vancouver island, then you may be able to get a home built for as little as $300,000.

The price of land is what really drives the cost of building new homes in BC. Lots can go for as much as half a million dollars.